Why You Need Unlimited Internet this New Year


Top Three(3) reasons to switch to our 100% Unlimited EliteWiFi this New Year!

Imagine surfing the internet for as long as you want, without worrying about speed, availability, or data caps. Today there is so much to do on the internet and only with an Unlimited internet can you truly experience all the value the internet has to offer.

1. Gaming

Unlimited internet makes it easy to enjoy a new dimension of gaming, allowing gamers to take their gaming experience online, creating or joining online communities that traditional data cap internet users shy away from due to limited access to the internet.

2. Streaming

As more social contents emerge, so also does the rise in the popularity of streaming these contents, as many internet users consume more content on their mobile devices than on cable tv. This has also led to the rise of more streaming services like Netflix, IrokoTv, and Udux in Nigeria, so if you are a serious streamer, unlimited internet is the best way to enjoy these services.

3. Work

When working the last thing on your mind would be running out of data, no one wants a Zoom meeting to end abruptly due to an exhausted data cap. So, whether working from home or the office. Unlimited internet with guaranteed speed is a necessity for work.

Experience true freedom this season with our 100% unlimited wifi! Experience speeds up to 15mbps & 25mbps for as low as ₦12,500 Monthly!

– More speed ✅  Save More✅ 100% Unlimited Internet ✅ No Data Cap ✅

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